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Exploiting Electrostatics To Generate Unsaturation: Oxidative GeE Bond Formation Using a Non π-Donor Stabilized [R(L)Ge:]+ Cation
, Tirfoin Rémi, Aldridge Simon
Published in Wiley
Volume: 55
Issue: 1
Pages: 378 - 382

The two-coordinate germanium cation [(IDipp){(Me3Si)2CH}Ge:]+ has been synthesized, which lacks π-donor stabilization of the metal center and consequently has a very small HOMO–LUMO gap (187 kJ mol−1). It undergoes a variety of facile oxidative bond-forming reactions, most notably allowing access to the first examples of Group 14 metal cations containing ME multiple bonds (E=C, N). The use of an electrostatic (rather than purely steric) strategy to discourage aggregation means that less bulky systems (for example, containing a primary alkylidene fragment, CHR) are accessible.

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