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Experimental investigation of CO2 systems for Indian supermarkets with parallel configuration of multiejectors (INDEE)
Banasiak K., , Hafner A., , Nekså P., Pardiñas Á.Á.
Published in
Volume: 2019-August
Pages: 3924 - 3931
Experimental investigation of transcritical R744 pack for Indian supermarkets was performed. Parallel combination of expansion work recovery multiejector blocks was applied for optimization of energy performance of the whole pack. The discharge pressure control proved to be fully functional with parallel multiejector operation providing system stability over a broad range of ambient conditions. Energy performance of the pack measured in Indian conditions was at the level recorded in the NTNU/SINTEF laboratory for a reference R744 pack. High ambient temperatures might result in operation on the verge of the operational envelope for compressor discharge temperature, especially for the MT machines. © 2019 International Institute of Refrigeration. All rights reserved.
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JournalRefrigeration Science and Technology
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