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Experimental and numerical study of a rotating wheel air classifier
L. Karunakumari,
Published in
Volume: 51
Issue: 3
Pages: 776 - 790
Rotating wheel air classifiers are often used in many process industry applications. The internal geometry of these equipment is quite complicated and has not been investigated in detail. In the present study, the flow field inside a rotating wheel air classifier has been calculated using CFD techniques, taking full account of the internal geometrical features. The predicted overall flow rate and the flow pattern are in good agreement with measurements and flow visualization studies. The calculations show that the induced flow depends strongly on geometric parameters such as the location of the inlet and outlet ports and the type of shutters used. Trajectory calculations of single particles show that the particle motion is influenced principally by centrifugal force, air drag, and wall-rebound characteristics. The wall rebound is possibly one of the means of how large particles enter the fines stream, leading to low efficiency at high speeds or large particles. Experiments of the classification using angular and radial shutter vanes show distinct range of operability of each type. These results have been interpreted coherently in the light of the flow pattern and particle trajectory calculations. © 2005 American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
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