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Experimental and numerical studies on the tsunami wave characteristics
Published in
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Pages: 123 - 134

The devastating effects of the great Indian ocean tsunami has forced researchers in focusing their attention more vigorously on understanding the behaviour during its propagation and its effects on structures. This can obviously be accomplished through numerical and physical model studies or combination of both. The characteristics of a tsunami wave can approximately be same as that of a solitary wave which is basically a shallow water wave. Hence, the studies on the characteristics of shallow water waves have become an emerging topic of interest. An important aspect of a mitigation effort is to predict the tsunami wave kinematics. A combination of experimental and numerical simulation of tsunami represented by the solitary wave was studied and their comparison is discussed in this paper. The details of the numerical approach, methodology, instrumentation and measurement adopted for the present study are reported. The disagreement of the experimental simulation of solitary wave elevations with that of numerical simulation has been addressed and the possible discrepancies are overcome, the procedure of which are briefly discussed. The dynamics of the tsunami wave propagation over an uneven topography is studied using the developed numerical model. © 2007 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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JournalISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
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