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Enhanced magnetic properties in Mn0.6Zn0.4-xNixFe2O4 (x=0-0.4) nanoparticles
S. Mallesh, P. Mandal,
Published in American Institute of Physics Inc.
Volume: 1942
Ni substituted MnZn ferrite fine particles were synthesized through sol-gel method. The structure, stability and magnetic properties have been investigated. Thermal stability of as-prepared (AP) particles is improved compared to that of Mn0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 (MZF) ferrite particles. The as-prepared and samples annealed at 1200 °C exhibit pure spinel ferrite phase, while samples at intermediate temperatures (600 - 1000 °C) exhibit secondary phase of α-Fe2O3 along with ferrite phase. The Mn0.6Zn0.1Ni0.3Fe2O4 (Ni-MZF) sample shows significantly lower volume fraction of secondary phase compared to that of MZF. The observed magnetization of Ni-MZF is twice of that MZF samples. Present results suggest that a small amount (x=0.3) of Ni in place of nonmagnetic Zn in MZF significantly decreases the secondary phase fraction and improves the magnetic properties. © 2018 Author(s).
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