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Energy based design with eco-friendly materials in infrastructural systems
Anand Rajaraman
Published in Global Science and Technology Forum
Issue: 216379
Urbanization, today, has become the process of societal migration. To transform a society into a developed one it needs better infra structure, transportation, power, water and communication. As we move towards a more developed life style the need for constructing eco friendly designs have become more needed today. Proper planning and environmental friendly designs are the need of the hour at the designing and planning stages of the construction. This paper concentrates on blending ecology and energy dimensions derived from materials used as supplement to concrete during the planning and designing stage so that resulting design is both eco friendly and sustainable. Experiments done on conventional concrete by adding eco friendly materials like fly ash and supplements like fibers are used to assess material strength. After the test the experiment was carried out on full sized beams under four point loading to assess its performance. Then the results were used in consideration of embodied energy and CO2 emission in the design and planning stages of two systems suitable for Indian conditions with regard to the impact on environment. Research studies of today reveal that innovative ideas like harnessing energy and CO2 emission produce more results and bring down cost and weight considerations used in normal designs. This can very well pave way to make designs which are energy intensive, eco friendly and sustainable. Copyright © GSTF 2018.
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JournalProceedings of the Annual International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering
PublisherGlobal Science and Technology Forum
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