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Electrochemical performance of nano-sized LiFePO4-embedded 3D-cubic ordered mesoporous carbon and nitrogenous carbon composites
, Khan S., Raj R.P., Rama Mohan T.V.
Published in Royal Society Of Chemistry
Volume: 10
Issue: 51
Pages: 30406 - 30414
Herein, we report a single-step synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical performance of nano-sized LiFePO4 (LFP)-embedded 3D-cubic mesoporous carbon (CSI-809) and nitrogenous carbon (MNC-859) composites. Furthermore, in order to investigate the effects of both CSI-809 and MNC-859 on the electrochemical characteristics of LFP, a systematic study was performed on the morphology and microstructure of the composites, viz., LFP/CSI-809 and LFP/MNC-859, using XRD, FE-SEM, FT-Raman, and BET surface area analyses. Among these composites, LFP/MNC-859 exhibited better electrochemical performance with higher specific capacity and rate capability as compared to those of LFP/CSI-809. In addition, even after 100 cycles, LFP/MNC-859 retained 97% of its initial discharge capacity at 1C rate. The enhanced electrochemical performance of the nano-sized LFP-embedded MNC-859 can be attributed to the conductive nitrogenous carbon and mesoporosity, which facilitate electrolyte diffusion, and improved conductivity of the advanced LFP-nitrogenous porous carbon matrix. © The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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