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Effect of processing parameters on the laser glazing of plasma-sprayed alumina-titania ceramic
C. Sreedhar, G. Santhanakrishnan, C. V. Gokularathnam, Ramalingam Krishnamurthy
Published in
Volume: 114
Issue: 3
Pages: 246 - 251
An Nd-YAG laser beam has been employed to glaze the surface layer of atmospheric plasma-sprayed alumina-titania (AT) ceramic composite deposited on a low carbon steel substrate. The effect of laser processing parameters such as power intensity, traverse speed, and beam focussing distance on microstructure and processing defects have been evaluated. Experimental study yielded a shiny glazed surface of plasma-sprayed AT ceramic composite by choosing an appropriate range of parameters. The working range of process parameters is illustrated. XRD analysis has been carried out for determining possible phase changes with different processing parameters. XRD analysis showed that there was only marginal variation in the phase change when glazing with parameters within the working range. Monitoring of AE was observed to closely indicate the response of the ceramic to the glazing process. © 2001 Elsevier Science B.V.
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JournalJournal of Materials Processing Technology
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