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Effect of geometric imperfections on anchor loss and characterisation of a gyroscope resonator with high quality factor
N. Sharma Gireesh, , Gautam S.S.
Published in
Volume: 11
Issue: 3
Pages: 206 - 213
Abstract—: A critical functional part of a hemispherical resonator gyroscope (HRG) is the mechanical resonator, and a few million quality factor (Q-factor) is needed for the lowest resolution. This paper focuses on anchor loss of a HRG of a few millimeters in size. A detailed parametric study of dimensions and shell imperfections due to fabrication is carried out. A sensitivity study of the effect of shell mean radius, shell thickness, stem radius, stem height on the Qanchor is carried out. The effect of geometric imperfections such as shell offset, shell tilt, shell thickness variation, and unbalance is studied in detail. From the study, it is inferred that the anchor loss becomes very significant and approaches other loss mechanisms even with minor geometric imperfections in the hardware realisation. Based on the sensitivity study, the dimensional and geometric tolerances are arrived for precision fabrication. Precision resonator is fabricated as per the requirement of minimum anchor loss. The significance of other damping mechanisms such as air damping, excitation-induced damping, thermoelastic dynamic damping and surface dissipation is also discussed. Surface characterisation before and after surface treatment has been carried out using nanoindentation technique with regard to surface loss. Functional parameters of operating frequency and Q-factor are evaluated using laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV). © 2020, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.
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JournalGyroscopy and Navigation
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