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Effect of gasification conditions on fisher-tropsch liquid & power production
, , Khadse A., Malik R.K., Mahajani S.M.
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It is well-known that syngas composition from a gasification reactor depends on the operating conditions and the feed stock. The aim is to compare the overall performance of a flowsheet consisting of the following blocks - a gasifier, an FT reactor and a power generator. Simulations are performed in Aspen Plus for a given set of operating conditions (pressure and temperature) in different gasifiers and at different FT reactor temperatures by considering liquid yield from the FT process, power generation potential from the reactor tail-gas and steam generation capability from the exothermic heat of the FT reactor. A simple equilibrium model is used to predict the syngas composition from different gasifiers. A detailed kinetic model reported in literature is used for the FT reactor simulations. The analysis of these simulation results and observed trend between gasifier operating features and FT liquid yields/power production is reported.
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Journal25th Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, PCC - Proceedings
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