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Effect of culture phasing and a polysaccharide on production of xylanase by mixed culture of trichoderma reesei D1‐6 and aspergillus wentii Pt 2804
, V.S. Bisaria, T.K. Ghose
Published in
Volume: 30
Issue: 7
Pages: 868 - 874
A significant increase in extracellular xylanase activity was observed in the mixed culture fermentation of Trichoderma reesei D1‐6 and Aspergillus wentii Pt 2804 when A. wentii inoculation was phased by 15 h. A. wentii produced a polysaccharide, chiefly consisting of glucose monomeric units, which was required for expression of maximum xylanase activity. Expression of high activity of xylanase in the A. wentii phased mixed culture compared to that in either T. reesei or A. wentii single cultures appeared to be controlled by the combined action of a polysaccharide produced by A. wentii and the relative growth of the two fungi in the mixed culture. Copyright © 1987 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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