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Dynamic behaviour of semi-rigid jointed cold-formed steel hollow frames
Anand Rajaraman
Published in Techno Press
Volume: 6
Issue: 6
Pages: 513 - 529
This paper deals with the dynamic behaviour of cold-formed steel hollow frames with different connection stiffnesses. An analytical model of a semi-rigid frame was developed to study the influence of connection stiffnesses on the fundamental frequency and dynamic response of the frames. The flexibilities of the connections are modeled by rotational springs. Neglect of semi-rigidity leads to an artificial stiffening of frames resulting in shorter fundamental period, which in turn results in a significant error in the evaluation of dynamic loads. In the seismic design of structures, of all the principal modes, the fundamental mode of translational vibration is the most critical. Hence, experiments were conducted to study the influence of the connection stiffnesses on the fundamental mode of translational vibration of the steel hollow frames. From the experimental study it was found that the fundamental frequency of the frames lie in the semi-rigid region. From the theoretical investigation it was found that the flexibly connected frames subjected to lateral loads exhibit larger deflection as compared to rigidly connected frames.
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JournalSteel and Composite Structures
PublisherTechno Press
Open AccessNo
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    Joints (structural components)
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    Structural frames
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    Vibration measurement
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