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Double negative refraction in barium substituted magnesium ferrite in the microwave frequency region
P. Chithra Lekha, Sruteesh Dinesh Kumar,
Published in
Volume: 1512
Pages: 1240 - 1241
The characterization of spinel ferrite metamaterial towards microwave device applications is reported in this work. The spinel MgFe2O 4 and Ba0.1Mg0.9Fe2O4 are prepared by molten salt method. The scattering parameters of the metamaterial are measured in the frequency range of 9 to 10 GHz by Nicolson-Ross method with Vector Network Analyzer. A negative permittivity between 9.219 to 9.345 GHz and a negative permeability between 9.703 to 9.901 GHz is observed. For the microwave device design, the 4πMs, Hres, and ΔH are measured from VSM and ferromagnetic resonance at 9.12 GHz respectively. © 2013 American Institute of Physics.
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JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
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