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Direct methane proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Published in
Volume: 6
Issue: 25
Pages: 371 - 378
The direct methane proton exchange membrane fuel cell was demonstrated for the first time. A Nafion membrane doped with phosphoric acid was used as the electrolyte. Pd/C, Pd-Ru/C and Pd-Au/C were studied as the anode catalysts with catalyst loading of 0.2mg/cm2. Selection of these catalysts for the studies was made based on the activation energy obtained by calculation using the UBI-QEP method. It was shown among these catalysts; Pd-Au/C anode exhibited a maximum open circuit voltage of 0.55V with current density of 30mA/cm 2. It was also seen that by bleeding oxygen on anode side, open circuit voltage was 0.74V and current density was increased to 160mA/cm 2. © The Electrochemical Society.
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