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Development of a stamp size pulser-receiver for structural health monitoring applications
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Volume: 1335
Pages: 1459 - 1466
Lamb wave-based Structural Health Monitoring using low powered hardware remains a significant challenge due several technological obstacles. One of the major obstacles preventing the widespread adoption of Lamb wave-based SHM is that availability of portable low power, low cost instrumentation operating in 50 KHz to 1 MHz region of interest. Permanently mounted piezo wafer active sensors (PWAS) has evolved as a de-facto sensor for lamb wave based SHM. Pulser-Receiver is fundamental building blocks for excitation and reception of signal from piezoelectric sensor. Conventional Pulser-Receiver is not suited for integration in SHM circuits due to physical size, power and nature of the pulse. This paper has attempted to use Commercial off-the-shelf video amplifiers for development of a practical, compact, low power, low cost Pulser-Receiver module using PWAS sensors for SHM Applications. A simple experiment demonstrates the developed unit at a conceptual stage along with its performance and application. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.
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JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
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