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Development of a database system on bulk solids - a relational model approach
M. A. Parameswaran
Published in Trans Tech Publ, Aedermannsdorf, Switzerland
Volume: 14
Issue: 3
Pages: 585 - 590
This paper describes the development of a database system for the storage and/or retrieval of information on the handling characteristics of bulk materials. The variety of products encountered in the industry is numerous and each has several independent sets of parameters (related to the equipment types) that are required for the selection and design of conveying and storage equipment. These vast amount of data need to be operated by an efficient and stand-alone software that can be added to any integrated package for equipment design. In line with the recent trend a relational model has been adopted after considering the pros and cons of other well-known approaches of database organization with specific reference to the present application. The data Structure has been normalized so that data manipulation and future amendments to the databases are simple. The software design is modularized and well structured to minimize computer resources. The improved system of classification of bulk materials, earlier proposed by the authors, is used for coding the data.
About the journal
JournalBulk Solids Handling
PublisherTrans Tech Publ, Aedermannsdorf, Switzerland
Open AccessNo
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    Computer aided analysis
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