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Development and strengthening mechanisms of bulk ultrafine grained AA6063/SiC composite sheets with varying reinforcement size ranging from nano to micro domain
O. B. Bembalge,
Published in Elsevier Ltd
Volume: 766
Pages: 355 - 372
The bulk ultrafine grained (UFG) AA6063/4 wt.%SiC composite sheets with varying reinforcement size of SiC (12 μm (coarse), 1 μm (fine) and 45 nm (nano)) have been developed with a novel hybrid process of stir casting and cryo-severe plastic deformation process (cryorolling). The influence of SiC particle size during development of UFG composites and its effect on microstructural modification, strengthening mechanism and failure mechanism was studied in detail. The resultant effect of cryorolling and size of SiC particles has resulted in significant microstructural refinement (less than 350 nm in all UFG composites) and accumulation of high dislocation density; which resulted in improvement in tensile strength as 88%, 108% and 141% in UFG composites reinforced with coarse, fine and nano particles respectively as compared to the unreinforced base alloy. A good agreement in theoretical and experiment yield strength of UFG coarse and fine composites is observed with a variation in UFG nano composite. © 2018 Elsevier B.V.
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