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Detection of interfacial weakness in a lap-shear joint using shear horizontal guided waves
Koodalil Dileep, Barnoncel David, ,
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 112

This study aims to develop a shear horizontal guided wave based technique to evaluate the interfacial adhesion of aluminium-epoxy-aluminium tri-layer in a lap shear joint. A 3-D Multi-physics finite element model was developed to investigate the physics of the interaction of SH modes with a tri-layer structure. By employing the boundary stiffness approach, different cases of interfacial adhesion-ranging from perfect bond, intermediate and weak bond, were simulated. Frequency-wavenumber analysis reveals that at the bond overlap region, the incident SH0 wave mode-converts to fundamental (SH0-like) and first-order(SH1-like) modes. The dispersion characteristics of first-order mode (SH1-like) was found to be dependent on the adhesion level, and this influences the time responses collected on a receiver plate in guided wave through-transmission configuration. Experiments were carried out on aluminium-epoxy-aluminium lap shear joints using PPM-EMAT transducers. The analysis shows that this technique can detect and quantify different levels of adhesion, rather than merely classifying as good or bad bonds.

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