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Detection of defects in composites using hybrid microwave NDE deploying printed e-field sensor
, Pakkathillam J.K., Sivaprakasam B.T.,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 503 - 505
A hybrid microwave NDE technique employing near field sensor for electric field measurement in plane wave regime is proposed in this paper. A custom made spot focusing horn antenna has been used to illuminate the sample with defect. A graphene based electric field sensor is employed to measure the electric field with less field perturbation. Thin dielectric composites of thickness less than quarter wavelength has been inspected using this method. Samples of size 300 mm × 300 mm with machined defect radius of 10 mm and 5 mm with 0.5 mm depth were measured using the proposed hybrid method. The hybrid technique has a higher spatial resolution and insignificant perturbation to the electric field compared to the conventional methods. © 2019 IEEE.