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Design, development and clinical validation of a novel urine output monitor
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 188 - 192
Automated monitoring of vital signs and capability to generate alerts in the event of an abnormal behaviour is a becoming a default option in most multi parameter monitors used in hospitals. Addition of cloud connectivity to patient monitoring systems has enabled logging and remote monitoring of patient status in a continuous manner. Automation of measurement and supervision of tasks not only reduces workload on the nursing staff but also helps in reducing human errors in measurement. Urine output, one of the critical parameters of the human body, continues to be measured by a process that is labour intensive. In this paper, we present a device for measurement of urine output in the critical care unit of a hospital. The device is powered by an ARM Cortex M0 processor and communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy. The device automates the process of continuous measurement of urine output by using a load cell that measures the weight of the urine bag to calculate the urine output. The measured values are sent to an Android application which pushes the received data onto a web-based cloud storage application for remote monitoring. © 2017 IEEE.