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Design criteria for crack control in RC liquid retaining structures - need for a revision of IS:3370 (Part II) - 1965
Published in
Volume: 74
Issue: 8
Pages: 451 - 458
In reinforced concrete (RC) liquid retaining structures cracking of concrete is a major design criteria. The current IS:3370 (Part II) bears little relationship to actual crack widths that can be directly predicted and there is a need to revise the prevailing codal provisions. In this paper, the direct method of crack control advocated in ACI and BS codes are reviewed, and suggestions made for improvement of IS:3370. Suggestions are also made for dealing with situations involving two-way flexure and direct/eccentric tension (for which reliable crackwidth formulae do not currently exist), using appropriate correlation between load factors and limiting crackwidths.
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JournalIndian Concrete Journal
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    Crack propagation
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    Leakage (fluid)
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    Loads (forces)
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    Tensile strength
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