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Derivative analysis of Raman spectra of liquid water in the OH (D) stretching region
M. I S Sastry
Published in
Volume: 158
Issue: C
Pages: 195 - 204
Second derivative analysis of Raman spectra of H2O, D2O and HOD in liquid phase at room temperature for parallel and perpendicular polarized modes in the OH and OD stretching regions is reported. Five components obtained at approximately 3215, 3375, 3455, 3535 and 3640 cm-1 for the second derivative plots of Raman spectra of liquid water are explained as due to the presence of three types of associated water species with (i) both OH bonds involved in moderately strong hydrogen bonds (SS), (ii) both OH bonds involved in weak hydrogen bonds (WW), and (iii) one OH bond involved in strong and one in weak hydrogen bonds (SW) respectively. The derivative plots obtained for Raman spectra of D2O and HOD also contain features expected to be present on the basis of this model. © 1987.
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JournalJournal of Molecular Structure
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