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Dataset on performance of large-scale vanadium redox flow batteries with serpentine flow fields
, Gundlapalli R.
Published in
Volume: 35
The dataset presented in this article are related to research articles “Effect of electrolyte convection velocity in the electrode on the performance of vanadium redox flow battery cells with serpentine flow fields” [1] and “Effect of channel dimensions of serpentine flow fields on the performance of a vanadium redox flow battery” [2]. The combined dataset on the pressure drop and electrochemical behavior of the vanadium flow battery cells with active areas of 400 cm2, 900 cm2 and 1500 cm2 were obtained using battery life cycler for the circulation of vanadium electrolyte of concentration 1.61 M VOSO4 dissolved in 5 M H2SO4. The cells were designed with various combinations of flow-channel dimensions of serpentine flow field and the electrochemical performance has been obtained at various flow rates and current densities. In addition to the experimental data, computational fluid dynamics simulations have been performed to investigate the electrolyte distribution across the cell. The shared data enables the reader of research articles to delve into the life cycle behavior at various operating conditions and emphasize the importance of flow-channel dimensions, flow rate and uniform distribution of electrolyte in combating the concentration over-potential. © 2021 The Authors
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