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Crystal structures of 6-methyl-3-phenylsulfonylchroman-4-one and trans-6-methyl-3-phenylsulfonylchroman-4-ol
Subramanyam Srinivasan
Published in Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers
Volume: 27
Issue: 10
Pages: 599 - 602
The crystal structures of (i) CH3(C9H6O2)SO2C 6H5 and (ii) CH3(C9H8O2)SO2-C 6H5 have been determined by X-ray diffraction. (i) crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/c with unit cell parameters a = 8.814(1)Å, b = 10.310(1)Å, c = 15.841(4)Å, β = 98.17(1)°, and Z = 4, and (ii) crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group P212121 with unit cell parameters a = 6.206(1)Å, b = 11.752(5)Å, c = 19.865(3)Å, and Z = 4. The pyran ring in both of them is in the distorted half-chair conformation with differing degrees of distortion from the ideal.
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JournalJournal of Chemical Crystallography
PublisherKluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers
Open AccessNo