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Creatinine complexes of zinc, cadmium and mercury
Srinivasan Muralidharan, M. Ramakrishna Udupa
Published in
Volume: 3
Issue: 5
Pages: 619 - 621
Zinc, cadmium and mercury(II) complexes of creatinine of the composition M(Creat)2X2 (X = Cl, Br or I) are prepared. The complexes are characterized by analytical and spectral methods. The increase in cyclic NH stretching frequency in the case of complexes (3350 cm-1) from that of the free ligand (3300 cm-1) suggested that secondary nitrogen is involved in coordination. The shift in the resonances of cyclic NH proton in the 1H NMR and carbonyl and imine carbons in 13C NMR when compared to the ligand indicated that cyclic nitrogen coordinates. Conductivity measurements in N, N-dimethylformamide suggested that the complexes are non-electrolytes. Thermal decomposition behaviour of the complexes is also discussed. © 1984.
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