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Concentration Profiles of End-Grafted, Diblock and Triblock Polymers in the Melt: Near-Wall Structure and Effects of Segment-Wall Interaction
Liu Y, A Schwarz S., Zhao W, Quinn J, Sokolov J, Rafailovich M, Iyengar D, J Kramer E., Dozier W, J Fetters L.Show More
Published in IOP Publishing
Volume: 32
Issue: 3
Pages: 211 - 216

We report a neutron reflectivity and secondary-ion mass spectrometry study of segment-density profiles of grafted polymers in a homopolymer matrix. The effect of monomer-wall interactions was investigated by grafting to «neutral» or «attractive» interfaces. The low-density grafting regime was studied where bulk-like screening of the excluded-volume interactions for grafted chains is expected to be effective. Experiments confirm this picture of screened interactions. Current many-chain calculations do not appear to predict the ideal chain statistics observed for the neutral-wall case, nor reproduce the experimentally observed variation of the profiles with wall interaction strength.

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