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Compensation of SOA-induced nonlinear phase distortions by optical phase conjugation
Sobhanan A., Pelusi M., Inoue T., , Namiki S.
Published in OSA Publishing China
Volume: 29
Issue: 8
Pages: 12252 - 12265
To answer the question: “Is optical phase conjugation (OPC) capable of compensating nonlinear distortions caused by not only Kerr effect of optical fibre, but also the carrier dynamics of semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs)?", we investigate the effectiveness of OPC-based nonlinear compensation for SOAs amplifying a few-channel WDM signal modulated with m-QAM. We use a pair of SOAs with an OPC stage sandwiched between the two so that the combination works as a low-distortion amplifier. Symbol-period longer than the gain recovery time is chosen in our experiments to avoid bit-pattern effects introduced by the SOA. We amplify a 12Gbaud, 16QAM modulated three-channel WDM signal with this technique in the back-to-back configuration which remarkably outperforms a single SOA in the nonlinear regime of operation with an average Q2 improvement better than 4 dB for an output power of 4 dBm. We further demonstrate the practical advantage of the low distortion higher output power capability of the SOA shown in the back-to-back result by carrying out a transmission of the amplified signal through a 160-km fibre, where relatively high launch power is desirable. We also study the case of 64QAM signals and show that approximately a 3 dB Q2 factor improvement can be obtained over single SOA, while without nonlinear phase distortion compensation, the demodulation is nearly impracticable. © 2021 Optical Society of America under the terms of the OSA Open Access Publishing Agreement
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JournalOptics Express
PublisherOSA Publishing China
Open AccessYes