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Combining multiple evidence for video classification
Vakkalanka Gowri Suresh
Published in
Volume: 2005
Pages: 187 - 192
In this paper, we investigate the problem of video classification into predefined genre, by combining the evidence from multiple classifiers. It is well known in the pattern recognition community that the accuracy of classification obtained by combining decisions made by independent classifiers can be substantially higher than the accuracy of the individual classifiers. The conventional method for combining individual classifiers weighs each classifier equally (sum or vote rule fusion). In this paper, we study a method that estimates the performances of the individual classifiers and combines the individual classifiers by weighing them according to their estimated performance. We demonstrate the efficacy of the performance based fusion method by applying it to classification of short video clips (20 seconds) into six popular TV broadcast genre, namely cartoon, commercial, news, cricket, football, and tennis. The individual classifiers are trained using different spatial and temporal features derived from the video sequences, and two different classifier methodologies, namely Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) and Support Vector Machines (SVMs). The experiments were carried out on more than 3 hours of video data. A classification rate of 93.12% for all the six classes and 97.14% for sports category alone has been achieved, which is significantly higher than the performance of the individual classifiers. ©2005 IEEE.
About the journal
JournalProceedings - 2005 International Conference on Intelligent Sensing and Information Processing, ICISIP'05
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    Classification (of information)
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    Markov processes
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    Pattern recognition
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