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CO-OFDM for bandwidth-reconfigurable optical interconnects using gain-switched comb
Venkatasubramani L.N., Lin Y., Browning C., Smyth F., , , Barry L.P.
Published in OSA Publishing China
Volume: 3
Issue: 10
Pages: 2925 - 2934
We experimentally demonstrate superchannel transmission using CO-OFDM with higher cardinality QAM corresponding to total data rates up to 760 Gbps over 25 km fiber using optical carriers generated from an externally injection locked gain-switched comb source with linewidth ≈19 kHz. Bandwidth re-configurability is demonstrated by operating the comb with different line spacing (20 GHz, 11 GHz) for the choice of (16-/32-/64-) QAM considered and we show the BER performance is within the SD-FEC limit. The system proposed can be used in any short reach application including DCIs and in access networks. © 2020 Optical Society of America under the terms of the OSA Open Access Publishing Agreement.
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JournalOSA Continuum
PublisherOSA Publishing China
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