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Chemistry of ruthenium σ-borane complex, [Cp∗RuCO(μ-H)BH2L] (Cp∗ = η5-C5Me5; L = C7H4NS2) with terminal and internal alkynes: Structural characterization of vinyl hydroborate and vinyl complexes of ruthenium
Koushik Saha, Benson Joseph, Rosmita Borthakur, Rongala Ramalakshmi,
Published in Elsevier Ltd
Volume: 125
Pages: 246 - 252
The chemistry of ruthenium–borane complex, [Cp∗RuCO(μ-H)BH2L] (Cp∗ = η5-C5Me5; L = C7H4NS2), 1 with various alkynes has been explored. Photolysis of 1 with alkynyl-Grignard, [HC[tbnd]CMgBr] in toluene led to the isolation of vinyl hydroborate complex [Cp∗Ru(μ-H)BH{HC[dbnd]CH2}L], 2a as a sole product. Compound 2a can be viewed as a ruthenium–borate complex with an ethylene moiety. Further, the chemistry of 1 with various internal and terminal alkynes has been performed in photolytic conditions. Photolysis of 1 with [RC[tbnd]CR] (R = CO2Me) yielded vinyl hydroborate complex [Cp∗Ru(μ-H)BCl{RC[dbnd]CR}L], 2b. Terminal alkynes [HC[tbnd]CR] (R = Ph or CO2Me) under the same reaction conditions led to the isolation of metal vinyl complexes [Cp∗Ru(CO)(C2HR)(L)], 3a and 3b (3a: R = Ph; 3b: R = CO2Me). In addition, DFT calculations were carried out to analyze the bonding and electronic structures of these new compounds. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd
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