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Characterizing the complexity of time series networks of dynamical systems: A simplicial approach
Chutani Malayaja, Rao Nithyanand, Nirmal Thyagu N.,
Published in AIP Publishing
PMID: 32013471
Volume: 30
Issue: 1

We analyze the time series obtained from different dynamical regimes of evolving maps and flows by constructing their equivalent time series networks, using the visibility algorithm. The regimes analyzed include periodic, chaotic, and hyperchaotic regimes, as well as intermittent regimes and regimes at the edge of chaos. We use the methods of algebraic topology, in particular, simplicial complexes, to define simplicial characterizers, which can analyze the simplicial structure of the networks at both the global and local levels. The simplicial characterizers bring out the hierarchical levels of complexity at various topological levels. These hierarchical levels of complexity find the skeleton of the local dynamics embedded in the network, which influence the global dynamical properties of the system and also permit the identification of dominant motifs. We also analyze the same networks using conventional network characterizers such as average path lengths and clustering coefficients. We see that the simplicial characterizers are capable of distinguishing between different dynamical regimes and can pick up subtle differences in dynamical behavior, whereas the usual characterizers provide a coarser characterization. However, the two taken in conjunction can provide information about the dynamical behavior of the time series, as well as the correlations in the evolving system. Our methods can, therefore, provide powerful tools for the analysis of dynamical systems.

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