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Catalytic B-N Dehydrogenation Using Frustrated Lewis Pairs: Evidence for a Chain-Growth Coupling Mechanism
, Mo Z., Campos J., Kolychev E.L., Aldridge S.
Published in ACS Publications
Volume: 138
Issue: 10
Pages: 3306 - 3309
The catalytic dehydrogenation of ammonia- and amine-boranes by a dimethylxanthene-derived frustrated Lewis pair is described. Turnover is facilitated on a thermodynamic basis by the ready release of H2 from the weakly basic PPh2-containing system. In situ NMR studies and the isolation of intermediates from stoichiometric reactions support a mechanism initiated by B-H activation, followed by end-growth BN coupling involving the terminal NH bond of the bound BN fragment and a BH bond of the incoming borane monomer. © 2016 American Chemical Society.
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JournalJournal of the American Chemical Society
PublisherACS Publications
Open AccessNo