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Bunching and antibunching properties of various coherent states of the radiation field
Published in
Volume: 34
Issue: 1
Pages: 640 - 643
In contrast to coherent states which have zero Hanbury Brown and Twiss Effect [i.e., g(2)(0)=1], it is shown that generalized coherent states n, are antibunched for 2<(1/2). The range of values for (real) in terms of the squeezing parameter r (real) for the squeezed coherent state, r in order to exhibit bunching and antibunching are obtained. The conditions and the exact range of values for r and for a given n for generalized squeezed coherent states n, r to exhibit bunching and antibunching are also obtained. © 1986 The American Physical Society.
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JournalPhysical Review A
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