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Bifurcation analysis on PT and IR for the reduction of NO by CO
, Mantri D., Mehta V.
Published in Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering
Volume: 85
Issue: 3
Pages: 333 - 340
Due to the importance of the NO-CO reaction in current catalytic converters, reduction of NO by CO on Pt group catalysts is important to study. Various reaction mechanisms have been proposed for the NO-CO reaction on Pt(100), which shows bifurcations, kinetic oscillations and multiple steady states under ultra high vacuum (UHV) conditions due to complex surface dynamics. Some experiments on supported Pt group catalysts reported in literature show oscillations and bistability under atmospheric conditions as well. Industrially relevant conditions require the modelling and detailed analysis of the system at atmospheric pressure. We have proposed a reaction mechanism for the NO-CO system on Pt group catalysts and coupled it with an isothermal PSR model to obtain solutions at atmospheric conditions with the continuation software CONTENT 1.5, at different operating conditions. Simulation results suggest that Pt(111) shows bifurcations at certain operating conditions while Ir(111) shows stable solutions at all the operating conditions studied here.
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JournalCanadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
PublisherCanadian Society for Chemical Engineering
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