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Atomically Precise Metal Nanoclusters
Published in Elsevier
Pages: 1 - 643
Atomically Precise Metal Nanoclusters discusses the host of exciting properties that can be better harnessed with a solid understanding of their different structures and subsequent properties at the molecular level. The book delves into the foundational chemistry of numerous key atomically precise clusters and provides guidance on key approaches employed to examine them. Beginning with an introduction to the properties and fundamental nano-chemistry of atomically precise metal nanoclusters, the book then explores key approaches for their synthesis, examination and modification, including chromatography, mass spectrometry, single crystal diffraction, electron microscopy and computational approaches. A final section covers specific nanoclusters and cluster systems. User will find the important knowledge of an experienced team of contributors who provide a detailed guide to understanding, investigating and utilizing these useful structures that is ideal for anyone working in related fields. © 2023 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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