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Applications of Microfluidics
N.S. Satpathi, S.Z. Hoque, K.N. Nampoothiri, L. Malik, K. Mirkale, H. Desu, G. Narendran,
Published in Springer Nature
Pages: 15 - 50
Microfluidics as a field has a plethora of applications in several fields. From heat transfer to biomedical applications, microfluidic techniques are used to deliver solutions. In the present chapter, we look into the basics of microfluidic techniques used to manipulate tiny volumes of fluids. Further, a detailed discussion on acoustofluidics, lab/organ-on-chip, biosensing, and cell manipulation follows. Section 2.4 focuses on the use of bulk and surface acoustic waves to manipulate particles and cells. Section 2.5 sheds light on the use of microfluidic chips mimicking an organ or its basic process and how the same is used to study the effect of drugs on the organs. Section 2.6 focuses on using microfluidic techniques for disease detection and prognosis monitoring. The part on Cell manipulation cuts through various active and passive techniques for cell trapping, focusing, and sorting. © The Editor(s) (if applicable) and The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2022.
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JournalMicrofluidics and Multi Organs on Chip
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