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Analysis of Combustion Noise in a Small Common-Rail Direct-Injection Diesel Engine at Different Engine Operating Conditions
Ramesh K J, Bundele H., , Mehta P.
Published in SAE International
Volume: 2020-April
Issue: April
Stringent emission regulations on one hand and increasing demand for better fuel economy along with lower noise levels on the other hand require adoption of advanced common-rail direct-injection technologies in diesel engines. In the present work, a small 0.9-l, naturally aspirated, two-cylinder, common-rail direct-injection diesel engine is used for the analysis of combustion noise at different engine operating conditions. Experiments are conducted at different loads and engine speeds, incorporating both single and multiple (i.e. pilot and main) injections along with different injection timings. In the case of multiple injections, the influence of pilot injection quantity is also evaluated on the combustion noise while maintaining the same load. In-cylinder pressure was recorded with the resolution of 0.1 crank angle degree, and it was used for the quantitative analysis of noise assessed from the resulting cylinder pressure spectra, and sound pressure level. Results showed that the quantity of pilot injection has a considerable influence on combustion noise. © 2020 SAE International. All Rights Reserved.
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JournalSAE Technical Papers
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