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An Integrated Multistage Framework for Automatic Road Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Imagery
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Volume: 39
Issue: 1
Pages: 1 - 25
Automated procedures to rapidly identify road networks from high-resolution satellite imagery are necessary for modern applications in GIS. In this paper, we propose an approach for automatic road extraction by integrating a set of appropriate modules in a unified framework, to solve this complex problem. The two main properties of roads used are: (1) spectral contrast with respect to background and (2) locally linear path. Support Vector Machine is used to discriminate between road and non-road segments. We propose a Dominant singular Measure (DSM) for the task of detecting linear (locally) road boundaries. This pair of information of road segments, obtained using Probabilistic SVM (PSVM) and DSM, is integrated using a modified Constraint Satisfaction Neural Network. Results of this integration are not satisfactory due to occlusion of roads, variation of road material, and curvilinear pattern. Suitable post-processing modules (segment linking and region part segmentation) have been designed to address these issues. The proposed non-model based approach is verified with extensive experimentations and performance compared with two state-of-the-art techniques and a GIS based tool, using multi-spectral satellite images. The proposed methodology is robust and shows superior performance (completeness and correctness are used as measures) in automating the process of road network extraction. © 2011 Indian Society of Remote Sensing.
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JournalJournal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing
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