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An analysis of higher education service quality in Mauritius using hesqual
Published in International Academy of Business and Economics
Volume: 16
Issue: 2
Pages: 89 - 104
The aim of this study is to assess the quality of services offered by higher education institutions in Mauritius. This was achieved by employing the HESQUAL model, developed specifically for the Mauritian higher education sector. The model comprises of five main themes and a total of eleven dimensions. Two dimensions, attitude and behaviour of administrative staffs and administrative processes relate to administrative quality. Three dimensions are grouped under the physical environment theme, learning setting, general infrastructure and support infrastructure. Four dimensions fall under core educational quality, attitude and behaviour of academics, curriculum, pedagogy and competence of academics. The two other themes are uni-dimensional constructs, namely, support facilities quality and transformative quality. A survey was conducted among students presently enrolled in Mauritian HEIs and a quota sampling technique was used. Questionnaires were self-administered. Relevant descriptive and inferential statistical analysis was performed to analyse the data and offer insights about higher educational service quality in Mauritius. The results show that dimensions related to administrative quality, support facilities quality and physical environment quality are perceived to be quite low, while dimensions related to core educational quality and transformative quality obtained satisfactory ratings. Conclusions are then drawn and recommendations made for the university to improve their services. © 2016, International Academy of Business and Economics. All rights reserved.
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JournalInternational Journal of Business Research
PublisherInternational Academy of Business and Economics
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