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Aerosol optical properties observed during campaign of air quality research in Beijing 2006 (CAREBeijing-2006): Characteristic differences between the inflow and outflow of Beijing city air
, Garland R.M., Schmid O., Nowak A., Achtert P., Wiedensohler A., Takegawa N., Kita K., Kondo Y., Hu M.Show More
Published in Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Volume: 114
Issue: 3
Ground-based measurements of aerosol optical properties were conducted during Campaign of Air Quality Research in Beijing 2006 (CAREBeijing-2006) (11 August to 9 September 2006) at a suburban site ∼30 km south of Beijing. Averaged over the measurement campaign (arithmetic mean ± standard deviation), the total scattering coefficients (σs) were 469 ± 374 Mm-1 (450 nm), 361 ± 295 Mm-1 (550 nm), and 249 ± 206 Mm-1 (700 nm) and the absorption coefficient (σa) was 51.8 ± 36.5 Mm-1 (532 nm). The average ̊ngström exponent was 1.42 ±0.19 (450 nm/700 nm) and the average single scattering albedo (ω532) was 0.86 ± 0.07 (532 nm) with minimum values as low as 0.5. Pronounced, diurnal cycles were observed in σs, σa, and ω 532and can be explained by boundary layer mixing effects. Additionally, an enhancement of absorbing particles in the early morning (0500-0800 local time) was observed; this may be attributed to soot emissions from traffic activity. When the measured air masses originated in the north and passed over Beijing, the single scattering albedo was generally low (ω532 < 0.8), which indicates that the local emissions of particulate matter in Beijing were dominated by primary particles from combustion sources (soot). The southerly inflow to Beijing had typically very high σs and higher than average ω532 values, suggesting a large amount of secondary aerosol (e.g., sulfate and oxidized organics). Overall, the results suggest that a majority of the particle pollution in Beijing is transported into the city from the south. Copyright 2009 by the American Geophysical Union.
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JournalJournal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
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