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Adaptation of 2D unstructured mesh based on solution gradients
, Vijay Ram R., , Kandasamy D.
Published in International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering, CIMNE
Pages: 4331 - 4342
The work presented in this paper attempts to improve the grid (and consequently solution) for compressible-flow simulations performed with a 2D finite-volume Euler solver for unstructured grids, using mesh adaptation based on gradients of flow parameters, (pressure and pseudo-entropy, and grid geometry (cell areas, nodal distances etc.). The procedure requires solution (primitive variables) reconstruction at grid nodes, which are interpolated using linear polynomials in 2 dimensions or inverse distance based methods, and cell-averaged gradients, which are computed using the Green-Gauss method. The adaption is terminated if the global maximum displacement of any node is less than ε, where ε is a small user defined length scale. Results indicate that the method is capable of clustering the grid near an oblique shock and a contact wave, which results in sharper resolution of the discontinuities. copyright © Crown copyright (2018).All right reserved.
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JournalProceedings of the 6th European Conference on Computational Mechanics: Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems, ECCM 2018 and 7th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics, ECFD 2018
PublisherInternational Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering, CIMNE
Open AccessNo