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A study of the fatigue, impact and fracture toughness characteristics of electroslag refined IS: 7670 alloy
Published in
Volume: 32
Issue: 1
Pages: 57 - 67
The nuclear, aerospace, naval and missile industries place emphasis on materials with high structural integrity and reliable performance so as to meet certain stringent requirements in service. Strength is not the only criterion for selection. Properties such as fatigue resistance, impact toughness and fracture toughness. are equally important. Electroslag refining (ESR) has been used widely and successfully over the years for improving the fatigue resistance, creep resistance, impact strength and fracture toughness of steels and alloy steels. But application of ESR to aluminium alloys is only a recent endeavour. A highstrength aircraft aluminium alloy IS: 7670 was therefore chosen for studies on the fatigue strength and the impact and fracture toughness. The results indicate that the fatigue resistance is considerably improved after refining and that the impact strength and fracture toughness of the refined alloy are comparable with that of the unrefined alloy. © 1993 Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Pergamon Press Ltd.
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JournalCanadian Metallurgical Quarterly
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