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A service-oriented architecture with domain knowledge base for interoperability of heterogeneous distributed biodiversity resources
, R.J. White, A.C. Jones, W.A. Gray
Published in
Pages: 75 - 83
Interoperability issues of heterogeneous and distributed biodiversity databases are highly challenging, as they have to be resolved with respect to the requirements of interoperability, restrictions of technology and the dynamic nature of biodiversity data. BUFFIE (Biodiversity Users Flexible Framework for Interoperability Experiments) is a research project using software engineering techniques and functional programming to develop a framework that improves the structural and semantic interoperability of data networks in the biodiversity domain. Biodiversity information analyses often require a great deal of computations and simulations involving sophisticated tools that are often found distributed over the Internet, while a global effort in biodiversity digital data collection has resulted in a powerful collection of databases. Data providers from different network communities often use XML schemas to exchange data across the Internet. BUFFIE v2.0 is an improvement of its previous version and uses a variety of techniques like, biodiversity query-enriching and hybrid schema-matching to integrate the data. It was designed, developed and tested using real data provided from biodiversity resources in Israel, the Netherlands and Austria. The software engineering and implementation of the research demonstrates novel uses of service oriented architecture with functional programming that uses LINQ to XML and XSLT technologies to achieve interoperability of biodiversity data.
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JournalProceedings of the 13th IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications, SEA 2009