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A Rich Stereoscopic 3D High Dynamic Range Image & Video Database of Natural Scenes
A. Wadaskar, , R. Lal
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2019-January
The consumer market of High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays and cameras is blooming rapidly with the advent of 3D video and display technologies. Specialised agencies like Moving Picture Experts Group and International Telecommunication Union are demanding the standardization of latest display advancements. Lack of sufficient experimental data is a major bottleneck for the development of preliminary research efforts in 3D HDR video technology. We propose to make publicly available to the research community, a diversified database of Stereoscopic 3D HDR images and videos, captured within the beautiful campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, which is blessed with rich flora and fauna, and is home to several rare wildlife species. Further, we have described the procedure of capturing, aligning, calibrating and post-processing of 3D images and videos. We have discussed research opportunities and challenges, and the potential use cases of HDR stereo 3D applications and depth-from-HDR aspects. © 2019 IEEE.