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A Novel Image Fusion Scheme for FTV View Synthesis Based on Layered Depth Scene Representation & Scale Periodic Transform
, G. Ragavan
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2019-January
This paper presents a novel image fusion scheme for view synthesis based on a layered depth profile of the scene and scale periodic transform. To create a layered depth profile of the scene, we utilize the unique properties of scale transform considering the problem of depth map computation from reference images as a certain shift-variant problem. The problem of depth computation is solved without deterministic stereo correspondences or rather than representing image signals in terms of shifts. Instead, we pose the problem of image signals being representable as scale periodic function, and compute appropriate depth estimates determining the scalings of a basis function. The rendering process is formulated as a novel image fusion in which the textures of all probable matching points are adaptively determined, leveraging implicitly the geometric information. The results demonstrate superiority of the proposed approach in suppressing geometric, blurring or flicker artifacts in rendered wide-baseline virtual videos. © 2019 IEEE.