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A note on the synthesis and dissimilar function-cognates of the RSSR and RCR0CR mechanisms
K.C. Butchi Raju,
Published in
Volume: 22
Issue: 3
Pages: 225 - 230
Function-cognates are those mechanisms that provide exactly the same input-output displacement relationships as the original mechanism. Dissimilar cognates are cognates having a different structure from that of the original mechanism. It is shown that there are no RSSR mechanisms function-cognate to a given planar four-bar or spherical four-bar. On the other hand, formulae for the infinity of RCR0CR cognates of the planar four-bar are given. It is further shown that for a given RCR0CR mechanism (or for a given general trigonometric implicit relationship linear in cosines and sines of input and output rotations individually), there is always one and only one RSSR mechanism giving the same relationship. The latter is therefore also the case for an eight-precision point synthesis of the RSSR mechanism. © 1987.
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