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A new electrochemical approach for the synthesis of copper-graphene nanocomposite foils with high hardness
C.L.P. Pavithra, B.V. Sarada, K.V. Rajulapati, T.N. Rao,
Published in Nature Publishing Group
Volume: 4
Graphene has proved its significant role as a reinforcement material in improving the strength of polymers as well as metal matrix composites due to its excellent mechanical properties. In addition, graphene is also shown to block dislocation motion in a nanolayered metal-graphene composites resulting in ultra high strength. In the present paper, we demonstrate the synthesis of very hard Cu-Graphene composite foils by a simple, scalable and economical pulse reverse electrodeposition method with a well designed pulse profile. Optimization of pulse parameters and current density resulted in composite foils with well dispersed graphene, exhibiting a high hardness of ∼2.5 GPa and an increased elastic modulus of ∼137 GPa while exhibiting an electrical conductivity comparable to that of pure Cu. The pulse parameters are designed in such a way to have finer grain size of Cu matrix as well as uniform dispersion of graphene throughout the matrix, contributing to high hardness and modulus. Annealing of these nanocomposite foils at 300°C, neither causes grain growth of the Cu matrix nor deteriorates the mechanical properties, indicating the role of graphene as an excellent reinforcement material as well as a grain growth inhibitor.
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JournalScientific Reports
PublisherNature Publishing Group