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A framework for public drug distribution system in India
Published in
Volume: 13
Issue: 3
Pages: 317 - 341
The present study aims to develop an instrument to measure various dimensions of the Drug Distribution System (DDS) and its overall effectiveness. The study considers the stakeholders in the field of public health care on matters associated with the procurement and distribution of drugs, such as the introduction of codification in the packaging of drugs and transparent tendering system. Other issues of concern in the study include centralised storage in warehouses, electronic passbook system for distributing drugs, use of pharmacists' handbook, bulk procurement system, quality assurance part of the system, and periodic monitoring of drug availability. Finally, the overall effectiveness of DDS with respect to medical services is studied in the work. Researchers as well as managers could use the instrument to address the issues related to similar systems of drug distribution and management. Copyright © 2012 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
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JournalInternational Journal of Logistics Systems and Management
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