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A covariant form of the Navier-Stokes equation for the infinite dimensional Galilean Conformal Algebra
Published in Springer
Volume: 2010
Issue: 1
We demonstrate that the Navier-Stokes equation can be covariantized under the full infinite dimensional Galilean Conformal Algebra (GCA), such that it reduces to the usual Navier-Stokes equation in an inertial frame. The covariantization is possible only for incompressible flows, i.e when the divergence of the velocity field vanishes. Using the continuity equation, we can fix the transformation of pressure and density under GCA uniquely. We also find that when all chemical potentials vanish, c s, which denotes the speed of sound in an inertial frame comoving with the flow, must either be a fundamental constant or given in terms of microscopic parameters. We will discuss how both could be possible. In absence of chemical potentials, we also find that the covariance under GCA implies that either the viscosity should vanish or the microscopic theory should have a length scale or a time scale or both. We also find that the higher derivative corrections to the Naver-Stokes equation, can be covariantized, only if they are restricted to certain possible combinations in the inertial frame. We explicitly evaluate all possible three derivative corrections. Finally, we argue that our analysis hints that the parent relativistic theory with relativistic conformal symmetry needs to be deformed before the contraction is taken to produce a sensible GCA invariant dynamical limit. © SISSA 2010.
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