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A comparison of mechanical and tribological behavior of nanostructured and conventional wc-12co detonation-sprayed coatings
S.B. Pitchuka, B. Basu,
Published in
Volume: 22
Issue: 4
Pages: 478 - 490
In the present study, WC-12Co coatings were deposited by detonation-spraying technique using conventional and nanostructured WC-12Co feedstock at four different oxy/fuel ratios (OF ratio). The coatings exhibited the presence of phases like W2C and W due to the decarburization of the WC phase, and the proportions of these phases were higher in the nano WC-12Co coatings compared with conventional WC-12Co coatings. Coating hardness and fracture toughness were measured. The tribological performance of coatings was examined under dry sand rubber wheel abrasion wear, and solid particle erosion wear conditions. The mechanical and wear properties of coatings were influenced by degree of decarburization and more so in the case of nanostructured WC-Co coatings. The results indicate that the extent of decarburization has a substantial influence on the elastic modulus of the coating which in turn is related to the extent of intersplat cracking of the coating. © 2013 ASM International.
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JournalJournal of Thermal Spray Technology